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Aerial video and photos of weddings, social and music events are truly unique.

It’s interactive. Guests and attendees just can’t help themselves. They have to wave as they see a drone hover in the distance.
And, if they don’t see the drone you end up with utterly natural behavior that a land based photo just can’t capture.

Wedding day is a time full of emotion, laughter and joy. More than just an event, it is history in the making. Wedding videos and photos tell so many unique stories and our aerial images can compliment your “ground based” photography and video footage in a truly unique way.

Aerial images can convey a sense of involvement and provide unique shots from totally different perspective.  Images that are, in fact, completely impossible to capture from the ground with traditional photographic methods.

With a busy wedding day scheduled it can seem like it is all over in a heartbeat.
Our aerial video and photos, in conjunction with your traditional ground based photography will take you back to the moment in a far more involving way than ground based photography alone could ever achieve.

Make sure your big day is remembered from above !