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Aircraft Licensing

Currently in France, there is no licensing requirement for small unmanned / remotely controlled aircraft.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 13.28.01“dgac” (directorate general for civil aviation) have simply laid out some rather “wet” (compared to the CAA in the UK) operation rules:

  • Maintain a safe distance from people and vehicles and never fly over crowds.
  • Fly below 500 ft at all times and retain your line of site (they mean keep the aircraft in view)
  • No flying over “strategic sites” such as power plants, national monuments or military bases without receiving prior permission.
  • No flying at night.
  • Don’t use the aircraft’s camera to record people/vehicles without consent and never store or distribute footage / images without the subject’s permission.

We operate closer to the CAA (UK) commercial operators requirements, where, as well as the above “dgac” rules (which are nothing more than common sense really) we:-

  • We maintain an operations manual (a CAA requirement).
  • Record each and every flight, with all it’s location, time, weather, and aircraft technical details (particularly fuel cell condition and hours flown).
  • Use a proper pre flight checklist.
  • Publish emergency instructions at every flight venue.
  • Record any incidences  … in the unlikely event … (You must remember that phrase !)
  • Have £5 million public liability insurance.  (copy available on request and at the time of flight)

Video and photographic images

We assume you’ll actually give us permission to record images, since that’s the whole point !  Beyond that, there are the issues of Privacy and Copyright.

All images we record, will be destroyed from the aircraft’s memory card, and main computer just as soon as we’ve sent the files to you (make sure you look after them and make a safety copy !. We will not be able to supply another copy !) and you will own the copyright.

The only exception to this, is, if you pre arrange with us to broadcast “highlight” images to social media on the day. Which, we can and will be happy to do ….