surveys & inspection

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Visual inspections and surveys at high level have never been so easy or cost effective.

Both internal and external features of a building or structure can be examined live, with the benefit of video footage for subsequent inspection.  It’s like being there … but without having to leave the ground or arrange for high level access equipment !

Whether a simple ridge tile inspection or something more complex, our aerial video inspections completely eliminate the hazards of physical high level inspection. They also reduce time, inconvenience and cost. Our drones, feeding live video at the time can access the area you would like inspecting, fast. The video is also available for further ground based viewing / inspection at a later date.
No need for scaffolding or other high level access equipment.
We can give you high resolution images and high definition video of structures that are particularly difficult to access. You can also monitor the footage in real time during the flight on our ground based monitor. This allows you to make sure you are getting exactly the images you need.

• Quick setup and deployment
• No need for physical high level access
• Multiple inspection points in one flight
• Real-time and recorded images
• Mitigates human risk